Sea of Cortez

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Diving in the Sea of Cortez

The Trip

The Sea of Cortez has a well earned reputation as the "Aquarium of the World". We first voyaged here in 2004 after reading John Steinbeck's "Log of the Sea of Cortez" and fell in love with the place. Our trips board in the evening in Cabo San Lucas and you will wake up the next morning already on location at your first dive site in the Sea of Cortez. Every day following is a full dive day with a quiet evening at anchor until the last night when we voyage overnight and return to Cabo San Lucas for a morning disembarkation.

The colony of California sea lions at Los Islotes are quite famous and will entertain you for hours with their playful underwater antics. Moray eels are so numerous at certain sites that we joke about them living in "moray condos". There are lots of turtles in these waters and you will likely spot large schools of jacks, tunas, lots of small rays, garden eels and species of fish too numerous to count. Giant manta rays are present but sightings have been sparse in the last couple of years. Hammerhead sharks can sometimes be observed at the famous El Bajo seamount. Invertebrate life includes stony corals, seafans, gorgonians and yellow colonial tubastrea corals. Unforgettable topside experiences include the spectacular starlit Mexican sky at night, deserted white sand beaches to explore further inland into the desert, a unique opportunity to dive in a mangrove swamp (which is way cooler than the name may imply) and perhaps even visiting a small island and fishing community.

These are very relaxing trips but be warned that there isn't the same "edge" as voyaging out to Socorro Island with giant mantas, dolphins and sharks everywhere. Sea of Cortez trips are very enjoyable and we liken them to swimming in a giant aquarium with an amazing diversity of animals. We typically visit the Sea of Cortez in May and June when the surface weather is lovely but not yet scorching hot and water temps are in the high 70's.

On the Nautilus Explorer we are always "up" for trying new things and we do our very best to provide the most excellent experience possible, consequently, our itinerary may vary from trip to trip. You can very likely expect to dive the wreck of the 300' ferry Salvatierra, Los Islotes, Las Animas, El Bajo, La Reyna, Isla Cerralvo and Suwamee Reef.