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As many of you know, large areas of Baja were recently devastated by Hurricane Odile, the most powerful hurricane to hit the area in over 50 years. Los Cabos suffered a direct hit, with winds exceeding 125 mph, and currently a quarter of a million Baja residents are without water and power, with no relief in sight. All southern Baja airports are closed except to the Mexican military and many main roads have been washed out by severe flooding. The recovery is going to be long and difficult.
The good people of Baja need our help and as quickly as possible. Solmar V and Nautilus Explorer are responding to the crisis by partnering with Waves for Water in order to immediately provide portable water filtration systems to those most in need. Waves for Water is a legit non-profit with an outstanding track record. A fundraising page has been set up on the Waves for Water website at

Please click the link and make a donation to our fundraising effort, Hurricane Odile Baja Relief. All donations to our fundraiser will be dedicated to the Waves for Water relief effort, Hurricane Odile/Emergency Disaster Response. All donations are tax deductible through Waves for Water.

It is our goal to raise $30,000 in donations to purchase 600 water filter systems to be distributed in Baja by the local networks set up by Waves for Water. They have years of experience in this kind of crisis response. Each portable water filtration system costs $50 and provides clean water to 100 people for 5 years. So $30,000 will provide clean water to 60,000 residents of Baja for 5 years.

We deeply appreciate your concern for the people of Baja who have been so severely impacted by Hurricane Odile, and we commit to providing clean water to the most devastated areas as quickly as possible.

Thank you from Solmar V and Nautilus Explorer.

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