Dive / Trip Insurance:

DAN: Divers Alert Network
DIVEASSURE: Dive Travel Insurance

Diving Links:

DIVE ALERT: Manufacturer of surface / subsurface signalling devices.
COOL DIVES:   Scuba Diving Vacations In British Columbia, Canada
BAJA EXPEDITIONS: Whale watching, kayak tours, Don Jose liveaboard. 
SEAFOCUS: Scuba diving reviews, images and information
PDI: Progressive Diving Institute
X-RAY MAGAZINE: International Online Dive Magazine
OCEAN RESEARCH GROUP : Underwater archaeology and treasures from the deep.
BSAC: British Sub Aqua Club
UNDERWATER CHANNEL: The UnderwaterChannel.tv is a free web TV channel for divers.
DIVERSITEA - Tea for Divers

Conservation Links:

Center for Marine Biodiversity Scripps Institution of Oceanography  

Photography Links:

DIVE PHOTO GUIDE: Underwater Photography and Video Portal
JASON BRADLEY: Bradley Photographic
TODD WINNER: Todd Winner Photography
NORBERT WOO: Norbert Woo Productions
STEPHEN FRINK: Stephen Frink Photography
STUART WESTMORLAND: Stuart Westmorland Photography

Guest Trip Images:

MIKE NEBEL: BC and Alaska