Employment opportunity and crew jobs on a liveaboard dive yacht

If you are interested in employment opportunities and/or job on a liveaboard dive yacht like the Nautilus Explorer and seeing incredible sights firsthand like the great white sharks of Guadalupe Island, Mexico or the giant mantas, dolphins and sharks of Socorro/Revillagigedos, please e-mail your resume to: resume@nautilusexplorer.com.

The Nautilus Explorer operates with a crew of 9 - 10 including a Captain, 2nd Captain/mate, engineer, 2 experienced divemasters, a deckhand, a chef and 2 hostess/galley helpers. Staff are expected to multi-task.  On duty 12 hours a day is normal and you can expect that some days will be longer and flexibility will be required. Our standards are extremely high and we look for potential crewmembers who are "self-starters" and "buy into" our commitment to excellence in guest services. You must be able to fit in with close working and living conditions. Being a team player is essential and you must be prepared to work through any bouts of seasickness.  The rewards are numerous including a lot of satisfaction and gratification, loads of laughs, "North American" wages and gratuities that are usually very generous.

Our motto is "icebergs to mantas" and we run trips to 7 different destinations - Alaska, British Columbia, Guadalupe Island great white sharks, Sea of Cortez, Revillagigedo Islands (Socorro), Clipperton Island and the California Channel Islands. Preference will be given to candidates who have previous experience working on liveaboard charter boats, experienced and certificated mariners, or enthusiastic and experienced divemasters/instructors with a solid background in marine ID, biology or zoology.

We have one of the very few diveboats in the world custom designed and built with a SOLAS passenger safety certificate, International Loadline certificate, GMDSS radios for worldwide operations and unrestricted ISM and Safety Management System certification. We do a lot more than just pay lip service to "safety". Our staff turnover is very low but we encourage interested candidates to contact us - "you never know"!!!


Volunteer position - a great way to go diving!!

This is a volunteer position for someone who wants to combine working hard and getting some great dives in.  You will not be divemastering guests but solid dive skills are still required as well as self-sufficiency.  Depending on your skillset, you will be expected to either help part-time as a hostess or as a galley helper.   You must be hard working, easy to get along with and naturally inclined towards excellence in guest services regardless that this is a volunteer position.  Part-time applicants will also be considered.



Must have minimum Canadian 4th class Engineer certificate.  Strong engineering skills as well as an interest in helping out with dive operations required.   Very good wage and bonus and tips (while on charter). The right candidate will naturally take ownership for smooth running, clean and organized machinery spaces and 'buy-in' to the need to comply with ISM paperwork requirements. Relief or full-time (fall 2009)  on a rotational basis.


Hostess - permanent position available fall 2009

Excellence in guest services is a cornerstone of our business and the successful candidate must be truly sincere in wanting to look after our guests. Being nice and friendly simply to get good tips is not good enough on this ship. Being a neat freak will help!! The wage for this position is likely the very best in the dive industry and this is a great opportunity for someone who likes being at sea and loves diving. You must be a strong team player with a cheerful and caring personality or you are wasting our time applying for this position.


Galley helper -  permanent position available summer 2009

Excellent position for someone with good cooking skills but little commercial experience.   This is a training position to work alongside our chefs and is a great opportunity to gain solid practical experience.  Looking for someone who is easy to get along with, a hard worker and eager to learn. You must be a strong team player with a cheerful and caring personality or you are wasting our time applying for this position.


Bridge Watchman/Deckhand - send us your resume!

This is a great way to get started, build your seatime and show us your stuff. Job duties will involve a variety of basic shipboard duties and a training allowance will be available to the right candidate.


Lead Divemaster - send us your resume!

While we don't have a position currently available, we are looking for lead divemasters to join us in the future. We are seeking "true professional" Divemasters who have been in the business for a while and are charismatic, very experienced divers with an intuitive sense of how to look after people and how to keep things safe. We have an absolute, rock-solid commitment to excellence and that has to be a natural part of your nature as well. Multi-lingual candidates with business or hospitality experience will be favoured as will an interest in biology/zoology/natural history,  skiff driving experience and familiarity with compressor operations. This is likely the best paid divemaster position in the industry.  It is well worth it to us to find the right candidate.



We are not currently looking for a chef but will accept applications to keep on file.


Other positions

Email us your resume! We are always interested in chatting with potential candidates. Other applications will be considered and carefully reviewed. Potential employees will be required to submit references. We are required by the International ISPS regulations to conduct background checks on new employees. We have zero tolerance for illegal narcotics and have a strict alcohol policy allowing a maximum of 2 drinks per crewmember under contract only when the vessel is not underway and diving ops are completed for the day. All crewmembers are required to have a current passport.